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Welcome to MeaningSource! Our mission is to help people find meaning in their work. There are several ways we do this.

First, we share our research and that of others with you on our home page and in our blog. Please click on the blog tab to read recent blogs by one of our founders on the Huffington Post or to see the latest research on meaningful work.

Second, we give you the opportunity to find out your own sources of meaning at work by offering a survey which will:

  • reveal your top 3 sources of meaning based on your responses to the survey
  • explain how others experience meaning from the same sources as you
  • report on how engaged you are in your work

Third, we give you the opportunity to share your stories of work with us and other users. Go to our “Stories” tab and enter your own experiences at work. Tell us why your work is meaningful or meaningless. Your story will provide rich content to our own endeavor to explore the meaning of work.

Take Our Survey

Are you engaged at work?  Do you experience your work as meaningful?

If you'd like to learn more, go to the "Survey" tab and take our Sources of Meaning Survey.

Once you've taken the survey, you will learn about the ways you find meaning at work (if you do).

You can then navigate to our "Sources" page, which will tell you about the difference ways people experience meaning at work.


Top Stories
Helping Others“I do have patients that warm my heart frequently enough that I actually keep showing up to work.  I have been working with ...more
Top StoriesWelcome to MeaningSource! Our goal is to help people find meaning in their work. There are several ways we do this. Click on the ...more
I think it's the most rewarding thing you can possibly do.  I was meant to do this. I am a nurturer. I am a comforter. It's myself. My whole being.  - Labor-support Doula
Positive Impact on Others
  I think what I do brings beauty into people’s lives. - Florist
Tangible Work
To a great degree, I enjoy it.  I love using my hands – more than I do my mind.  I love to be able to put things together and see something in the long run.     - Spot Welder